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In 2002, the founders of ELENSYS became aware of the opportunity to introduce a new technological player on to the Italian scene of electronic and electromechanical manufacturers, addressing in particular the industrial and agricultural automotive sectors. 
Thanks to the passion and experience gained in these fields since the 1980s, they joined forces with a primary objective:
To offer European Automotive manufacturers high quality and reliable solutions, which meet the increasingly stringent requirements of quality and reliability of accessories, equipment, electronic and mechatronic components. 
Since 2002, ELENSYS, with growing determination, has believed year after year, in the potential of the sector, focusing on the quality of products and services, on the continuous innovation of technologies and materials, with the result of offering a very extensive range of solutions to meet a very wide variety of needs, becoming a leading company in the sector. 
Recently, our company has developed a new business area, Elensys Marine Electronics, addressing the very demanding Nautical industry, becoming in a short time a highly qualified player. Electric and Electronic solutions are specifically designed to withstand the high vibrations and humid conditions of a marine environment.

Innovation borns from experience

Professionality. Creativity. Independence. Agility. Flexibility. These concepts have accompanied Elensys' evolution and allow us to always offer innovative and customizable solutions, in line with the increase of the customers needs and technological potentials, guaranteeing the highest quality on the whole range of our products.

Consultant and supplier
Elensys listens to, examines, designs and implements complete and integrated solutions for every technical need. We study the technological potential by performing the design analysis, up to the advice on the choice of the optimal solution. Elensys develops and activates dedicated production lines, that meet the design and features chosen by the Customer for its specific projects and needs in every single aspect.
Elensys also offers and supplies its customers with solutions and products from the most qualified national and international brands.

Quality Control
For Elensys, quality is the basis of all its activities. The quality of our production is 100% managed by us with internal control and with the highest levels of excellence. All products are tested individually (NOT in batches), and tracked by quality control, via serial number and barcode. We work on continuously improving processes and controls as well as investments to guarantee the quality and reliability of our products and services.


R & D
Elensys invests every day in research for new technologies and materials, which is translated into a continuous development of new products and ideas. Following this vision, every year the company allocates a fair share of its profits to new equipment, facilities and plant innovation.


Staff Training
Elensys deeply believes and invests every day in the continuous professional training of its employees and collaborators, considering this reason for both professional and human growth. We are convinced that the value of a company is not measured solely by its turnover.

ELENSYS is extremely active in the protection of our precious planet. This is why all our products are strictly compliant with the EC Directive on the restriction of use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), to contribute to the protection of human health and the environment, including recovery and environmentally-friendly disposal of EEE waste. Each process is planned, monitored and implemented in strict respect for the environment, preferring components, sub-assemblies, materials and processes with the lowest intrinsic environmental impact. Furthermore, the correct maintenance of the systems is constantly checked to avoid possible sources of pollution.

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